On The Double for SmartX

Origin Pharma Packaging have been shortlisted as a finalist for a second award, within the space of three weeks.

SmartX has been recognised as one of the top 10 designs for Cartonboard Pack of the Year. The child resistant, tamper evident, blister pack will come up against other innovative designs using cardboard.

The awards takes place at the famous Grosvenor House Hotel, London on Wednesday 22nd November. Having already been shortlisted as a finalist for The UK Luxury Packaging Awards – it sees SmartX being recognised for a second time, for its intuitive design from one piece of card, that protects the end user from a potential harmful ingestion.

The pack can be manipulated to hold any tablet size, that requires a blister pack dispensing mechanism. The design has in mind to create minimal disruption to packaging lines and the machinery used, when companies choose to adopt the product.

Head of Marketing, Rich Quelch explains his delight at the prospect of being finalist for two awards for 2017, “Well, it absolutely brilliant to be shortlisted for arguably the UK’s largest packaging awards. It is testament to the NPD and Innovation team who have taken the time, dedicated research into creating a pack that not only is simple (yet child resistant) but does not take much adaptation by potential health/ pharmaceutical manufactures.”

Rich goes onto explain that SmartX is currently being snapped up by health companies from around the globe due to its one-card design, “We understand the packing process and how complicated and expensive it can get for organisations with large scale operations. We have create a child resistant, blister pack wallet which reduces material used, making it very sustainable, but also being very sensitive to packaging lines of drug manufacturers and health supplementary companies.”

SmartX continues to be recognised for its simple, yet, innovative child resistant design.

SmartX will be presented at CPhI Frankfurt 2017.

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