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Origin can design, manufacture, fill, and distribute your next pharmaceutical project. Simplify your packaging supply chain with Origin, to save time and money.

A Unique Aseptic Filling Facility to Support the Life Science and Diagnostic Industries.

Clean Room Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Packaging.

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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Packaging

Origin Pharma Packaging are leaders in innovation and design, global manufacturing, and consolidation of your packaging supply chain.

We work with international pharmaceutical companies and healthcare agencies to create new solutions, reduce costs, and increase speed to market.

Pharmacy Packaging

We have over 55 years of working in the pharmacy sector. We have an in-depth range of pharmacy packaging and devices that we offer to the pharmacy industry.

Emballage pour cannabis à usage médical

We are leaders in designing and manufacturing compliant, medicinal cannabis packaging. Our state-of-the-art cleanroom allows us to deliver packaging on a global scale.

Child Resistance

Nous visons l'excellence en matière d'innovation et de conception de produits à l'épreuve des enfants. Nous sommes animés par la protection des plus jeunes contre les accidents domestiques.

Partenaire hybride
pour les emballages pharmaceutiques

Revolutionising the Pharmaceutical Primary Packaging Supply Chain. Origin integrate into the full process of pharmaceutical primary packaging, which is true to our mission to Bringing Healing Home.

À votre service depuis 55 ans

À votre service depuis 55 ans

Un réseau international d'approvisionnement et de distribution

Un réseau international d'approvisionnement et de distribution

Cleanroom & Multiple Manufacturing Techniques

Des techniques de fabrication en salle blanche et autres

En totale conformité avec la norme ISO 15378

En totale conformité avec la norme ISO 15378

Your Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Supply Chain Partner

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Notre actualité

5 juillet 2021 by Origin

Building the UK’s domestic pharma manufacturing capability

The Coronavirus crisis brought into the spotlight shortcomings in the UK healthcare system and its supply chain – many of which the public would never have known about if it weren’t for these unprecedented times. Shortages in personal protective equipment at the start of the pandemic were the most widely covered in the media, but...

14 juin 2021 by Origin

The Future of Medicinal Cannabis

There is no denying that one industry that has experienced exponential growth in recent times is the medicinal cannabis market. IMARC Group has predicted that the market will grow 15.3 per cent during 2021 – 2026. With that being said, let’s take a look at the medicinal cannabis market and what we can expect in...

12 mai 2021 by Origin

Future Proofing Your Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted many vulnerabilities in supply chains across different industries. The pharmaceutical industry was one of the key industries impacted, making it clear that action is needed to meet future challenges and cope with changing global supply chain requirements. Adopting an agile process in the supply chain can help meet varying demands, mitigating...

9 avril 2021 by Origin

The Future of Remote Patient Monitoring

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced the medical industry to adapt significantly. While everybody has witnessed the uptake of remote operation, from remote workers to standard GP appointments, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has firmly come into its own. But how is the medical industry using Remote Patient Monitoring to change the healthcare industry, perhaps forever?...

17 mars 2021 by Origin

Origin announces significant expansion to warehouse and logistics facilities

Origin Pharma Packaging has opened a new warehouse facility in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, expanding on its logistics and storage site in Melton, East Riding of Yorkshire. In addition to Origin’s logistics warehouse in Melton (25,000 sq. ft), the new facility in Scunthorpe boasts 86,000 sq. ft, set within a 5.9-acre site. It houses 4,900 fully...