Origin Open Offices in London and New York

Origin – experts in pharmaceutical primary packaging have enjoyed a growth period of the past twelve months, which has seen them expand further to appease demand for their innovation skills. The two offices have been strategically located in New York and London to assist ease of access for collaboration meetings, with clients from around Europe and the U.S.

The Leadenhall Building and the New York Financial District Centre are the two chosen locations, which will support further growth of the business and also to increase better accessibility for clients to meet the Origin team face-to-face. The two offices have leading edge technology with a contemporary design which creates a very positive meeting experience for clients to leave their usual surroundings and focus on innovation, collaboration and design without interruption.

Keith Wade explained the strategic decision to open up two new offices in London and New York; “We have had a fantastic growth period over the past twelve months, with more global clients collaborating with Origin. We took the decision to open up two strategic innovation offices to become logistically aligned with client’s geographic positioning”. Keith explains that the new offices are aligned with the HP3 model, which drives flexibility. “Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner’s values are of flexibility and efficiency. We are committed to improve the global pharmaceutical supply chain and these two new offices back up these very values”.

Origin are becoming a positive disruptor in the pharmaceutical market, with HP3 revolutionising the supply chain process from design & innovation, to strategic manufacturing. The growth plan of Origin is to deliver the most efficient and flexible solutions in the following fields:

– Innovation & Design
– Strategic Manufacturing
– Supply Chain Consolidation

The expansion of Origin is very positive but it also adds support to the new model, Hybrid Pharma Packaging Partner. Origin’s Pharmaceutical, Distribution and Innovation Office is based in Melton, East Yorkshire with a number of strategic manufacturing cells and storage facilities based in Europe and the U.S. Origin is committed to accelerating the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical primary packaging industry by raising the performance of its supply chains by implementing HP3.