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Pioneers in digital packaging, Origin have created Smart-i: a smart packaging technology to enable visibility of your medicine products from the time they are created to the point of use or application.

We understand the challenges of keeping your valuable, branded products in authorised hands.  Whether you are addressing the issues of falsified medicine, tackling the activities of counterfeiters, or just trying to capture accurate data safely, we have a unique solution that is affordable and reliable.

The products we have developed under the Smart-i brand use a technology that has been proven a success by government agencies in many parts of the world.  It is designed to overcome the cloning of data and replicating of security coding held in conventional printed devices, digital tags, holograms etc.

Our technology is one of the world’s most advanced anti-counterfeiting solutions, utilising patented, perennial encryption technology which prevents duplication and replication of data and heightens security to an unprecedented level.

Smart-i facilitates global traceability of both product status and location, and enables control within supply chains and e-vision to stakeholders. It capitalises on available technologies to access rich product data and insights into your product’s life cycle; it generates and delivers crucial information allowing you to increase engagement with your product and brand.

So, how does Smart-i work?


The limitations of printed code has long since been exploited by counterfeiters around the world. It is remarkably easy to clone the data present in conventional 2D, 3D or even digital packaging. These codes typically store data or redirect the reader to an external site via a URL code. The URL can be read easily by both people and computers. It is normally a matter of seconds to copy the stored URL and clone this into another device.

To combat these limitations from conventional systems, the patented perennial encryption technology issues a single-use URL, thus rendering any cloning of the attempt useless. It is best understood as a token system; the URL code contained in our devices is a token that is submitted to the cloud host and refreshed with a new one – and the information you requested. Only the secure cloud host knows the sequence of coding and any attempt to re-use the previous URL is detected by the cloud host and an invalid message is issued – a warning that the product has been copied. The same process is used to identify tamper evidence.

This technology is the result of cross-industry intelligence and has been tried and proven to be entirely reliable by government agencies, including fraud and policing teams in developed and developing parts of the world. We have harnessed this technology for use in secure batch management, as well as patient data storage, transmission and retrieval.


Smart-i | PharmiTrack has been created for the control of physical products in the supply chain. It is available as a pre-developed product to manage and record all the typical activities that occur in the supply chain or it can be designed to cover your special requirements, logging events or raising queries that occur during your products lifespan.

PharmiTrack allows you to capture, log and record data in real-time and to recover event history easily. It can be applied to any size of batch even to a single unit of measure. What insights might you gain if you were able to track your product through the supply chain? What might it facilitate?

Our unique PharmiTrack system can be enabled to identify the security status and location of your product remotely, at any time. It is a live programme capable of allowing you to locate and interrogate your product anywhere it appears in the supply chain. For example, the geographical location of your product and the route it took to arrive there can all be captured and stored, thus revealing any unauthorised journey routes or interventions.

Consider these benefits in your brand strategy for anti-counterfeiting – the PharmiTrack system is both highly adaptable and highly scalable. It can be hosted with our secure cloud server or installed onto your own secure cloud-based system. This allows global access to authorised users (access can also be logged) enabling centralised control of batch management such as the revoking or reinstating a batch or communicating information to pharmacists or patients.

Bespoke Central User Interface

PharmiTrack is based around a central user interface combined with an integrated packaging chip, that allows control of a range of features. Used in an over the counter application, the packaging chip can be integrated in a seal, acting as a digital tracker, a tamper evidence device, in addition to its anti-counterfeiting qualities.

Origin will work with your organisation to either host this service or to install the product on your own secure network. We are available to steer your product security program or to add their support to your existing brand security team.

Bespoke Central User Interface
Bespoke Central User Interface

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The recently developed CliniWatch™ has purposely been designed for the clinical trials remit of pharmaceutical drug development. Whilst the capabilities of the product are immense it is important to understand that the scope of the device can be scaled to securing just the information you need, when you need it.

Smart-i | CliniWatch™ is intuitive programme of technology that revolutionises how clinical trials are delivered. Using the perennial encryption technology detailed above, CliniWatch™ creates a secure, two-way communication platform between the actual patient and the associated packaging or medical devices.

A typical Smart-i Clinical Trials pack consists of the following components:

CliniWatch™ | Wearable Device

The smart wristband (Smart-i | CliniWatch™) is an original type of wearable device for tracking health information such as heart rate and pulse, temperature, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, breathing rate, different types of brain activity.

Intelligent Packaging

There is no need to redevelop your current packaging! Origin will apply their intelligent technology to your existing packaging thus potentially reducing the regulatory burden of incorporating these enhanced features. Wherever possible contact materials are not affected and the digital enablement and child resistance are added as additional layers to your packaging.

Intelligent Devices

Should your trial involve devices rather than conventional blister packaging we are often able to add the technology to your medical devices.

Of course we realise there are products recently launched that appear similar, however the technology of perennial encryption is crucial in our opinion to the safe receipt, storage and dissemination of patient data.

Blisguard Child Resistant Label Digital Printed Web Foil Lidding Pharmaceutical Product Plastic Blister Pack


The bracelet is fully programmable. You can use the device to capture as much or as little of the available data as you require. The device acts as a personal assistant during the user’s everyday life, monitoring their health status and alerting them about abnormal conditions, medication reminders and medication tracking. The device can also facilitate tracking of many outdoor and indoor activities. Any features can be enabled or disabled depending on your bespoke requirements.

The intelligent blister is chipped with a wireless electronic component that allows tracking of drug usage as soon as the tablet is ejected from the blister. The drug usage data is transmitted wirelessly to a wearable device as well as synchronised wirelessly with the Smart-i® mobile application installed on the smartphone – which is then sent to the client’s clinical trial interface. Apps are not usually required to use this technology.

Digital Packaging

Patient Interface

Initially the patient receives their medication and CliniWatch™ bracelet from the clinical trial administrators. Instructions are provided how to pair the bracelet with their phone if this link is needed. The blister packs have individual RFID tags over each tablet. The patient wears the bracelet which starts gathering data from them, capturing whatever indicators you have chosen to monitor.

Each time a tablet is removed or a medical device is used or activated, a signal is sent from the packaging or device to the bracelet. The bracelet will then send its information to clinical trial administrator team either directly, or via a smartphone to the cloud, then to the host. This transmission of data can be programmed to occur in real-time or as a scheduled event.

An optional push-button feature on the bracelet can transmit how the patient is feeling at any time – the information being added to the patients records for review by the team. This is typically from a pre-set menu of likely indications that are captured and pre-set within the device.

Data is analysed by clinical trial administrators and messaging to the patient can be enabled by whatever method is preferred by the patient.

Where applicable, the use of this device and the accurate data obtained and securely transmitted will allow for reconsideration of how clinical trial participants are reimbursed. Greater interaction and real-time data is valuable and there is scope for increased patient engagement using this secure technology.

Find out more by downloading the Smart-I | Cliniwatch™ PowerPoint presentation, below:

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