Child Resistant Pump Pack

Child Resistant
Pump Pack

  • Standard (20, 30 or 60ml) or Mini (15ml) sized bottles
  • Different cap heights for regular pumps or nasal sprayers
  • Compact size
  • Cosmetic-style aesthetic
  • Works with most screw, crimp or snap sprayers

A fantastic combination of certified child resistant technology and consumer-led design, the Origin Child Resistant Pump Pack is a stylish and safe pack that protects your product and is easy to use. It is ideal for a range of applications, such as oral, topical or nasal sprays, CBD, nicotine, nano vitamins and chemicals that should not be accessible to children.

Comprised of a bottle and a cap, the pack can be fitted with most sprayers, whether they are screw, crimp or snap. The four different bottle capacities and three size options for the cap allow for a host of solutions to your needs.

The Child Resistant mechanism involves aligning arrows on both the bottle and the cap. Once they are pointing at each other, squeezing panels on the cap that are easily identified by sight and touch releases the cap and the sprayer is revealed. Once used, the cap simply snaps back on to the bottle.

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