Pharmaceutical Cotton Coil

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Origin is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cotton, polyester and rayon pharmaceutical coil – designed to protect and preserve a range of medical products in transit until they reach the patient.

Use our sterile, medical-grade coil to keep a range of tablets and capsules – including vitamin and food supplements – safe on the move. Our cotton coil, polyester coil and rayon coil provide proven moisture control and protection from impact and are bleached and non-toxic to maintain product integrity.

All Origin pharmaceutical coil is produced in our world-class manufacturing facility with a dedicated cleanroom environment, keeping all products 100% purified to avoid contamination.

Compliant pharmaceutical coil

Our pharmaceutical coil conforms to USP purity standards for coil as well as meeting FDA CFR standards for Food Contact Substances. And Origin maintains complete product control through the application of GMP standards. Plus, all coil products are lot-controlled and coded for full traceability.

All Origin pharmaceutical coil contains a low moisture content to keep products safe. Our coil is also easy to tear and aesthetically pleasing for customer satisfaction.

Browse our range of pharmaceutical coil including cotton, polyester and rayon coil, plus cotton medical balls and accessories such as coil stabilisers.

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