Plastic Containers

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We have heavily invested in our production programme and strategic manufacturing sites for our pharmaceutical packaging, helping us to improve design and material development for pharmaceutical bottles. Our dedicated teams are focused on new product development and are always seeking ways to improve design, production efficiency, and bring down costs while retaining high quality standards required for pharmaceutical packaging.

Plastic bottles are our main product inventory, and quickly manufactured in one of our fully audited sites located within Europe. By holding a large product inventory available to our clients quickly, Origin help minimise lead times and ensure the availability of whatever plastic container for pharmaceutical products you need, every time. Compatibility and a large range and choice of compliant child resistant closures and caps make our droppers, wide mouth bottles, ointment jars, applicators, and plastic bottles service ideal for international and regional pharmacies, stores, and wholesalers.

We facilitate innovation and rapid prototyping with 3D design expertise, allowing the production of new specifically designed containers. Get in touch with the Origin’s designers today to discuss your needs.