Plastic Packaging

Recycling/Sustainability in Pharma Packaging

We understand that providing pharmaceuticals all over the world is of great importance, but we have a duty to look after the environment and provide sustainable solutions that do not hurt the planet. As such, we’ve put a heavy emphasis on providing sustainability in our pharma packaging from our glass packaging to tablet cartons and…

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How Plastic Is Made?

What Is Plastic? Every time you watch your television, type away on your laptop, sit on a plane, or even get on a bus, you’re using plastic. Every time you buy lunch from a supermarket, pick up a prescription from the pharmacy or also visit the hospital, you’re using plastics. The amount of plastic that…

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Types of Plastic – What is PET?

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, and it’s a type of polyester. It’s one of the most diverse types of plastic around and has numerous uses. This is largely down to the properties of the plastic that make it somewhat unique in comparison to others. What makes PET unique? PET plastic is different from a lot…

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